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My journey so far: I started my preparation 2 years ago. I joined coaching and there I learned all basics in 4 months. After that I started preparing at home. Initially I failed in 4 prelims but after that I could clear almost all prelims examinations but couldn’t make it to final selection. I missed PO by 1 mark and LIC assistant by 1 marks. During these 2 years I have faced criticism and negative talks from some people that also gave me depression sometimes. During my preparation There were times when I went in depression and lost my confidence but thanks to those people(Vijay sir, Jeevan sir, My Family) who were always with me to boost my confidence and bring me back on the track.

My Preparation strategy:


For prelims I improved my speed after clearing all basics. I could not improve my speed in arithmetics so I focused on other topics like simplification, Quadratic so that I could save this time for arithmetics. I gave too many mocks and quizzes from gradeup, adda. For mains, I used to submit mains mocks first and solved all questions from that mock

Reasoning :

Here same also, I improved my speed in miscellaneous portion. Speed in puzzels also improved by daily practice. Practice is the only key for reasoning.


For english, I will give credit to hollywood movies, english songs, novels. It made me familiar with english structures. I always focused on sentence constructions rather than grammer. Topicwise practice also helped to improve little bit.

GA: I followed daily GA lectures of Ashish sir from adda. Along with this Best 300 from Study iq and adda/gradeup capsules also helped me in revision.


I started my preparation in April 2017

2017 exams list

RRB PO PRE fail by 14 marks

RRB CLERK PRE fail by 23 marks

IBPS PO PRE fail by 9 marks

IBPS CLERK PRE fail by 29 marks


2018 exams list

RRB PO PRE fail by 9 marks

RRB CLERK PRE fail by 10 marks

IBPS PO PRE fail by 12 marks

IBPS CLERK PRE fail by 10 marks

2019 exams list


LIC AAO fail

CWC clrk PRE fail

FCI PRE fail

SBI PO PRE fail by 13 marks

SBI CLERK PRE fail by 3 marks



RRB PO PRE fail by 12 marks

RRB CLERK PRE fail by just 2 marks

EPFO SSA PRE finally First exam CLEAR and marks cut off se 20 jada

IBPS PO PRE pass and marks cut off se 8 jada


EPFO SSA MAINS clear… waiting for 3rd phase now


IBPS PO MAINS fail individual in english by 5 marks


LIC ASSISTANT MAINS fail by 15 marks


IBPS CLERK MAINS Finally SELECTED for Oriental Bank of Commerce cum PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK

Now waiting for SBI CLERK PRE result

I just want to say that mere itne failure se bhi maine give up nhi kiya…sb bol re the ki ye chod do jb kisi me nhi ho raha…but mujhe banker hi bnne ka mn tha…maine kbhi give up krne ki sochi tk nhi…jo jada force krta tha give up krne k liye…un logo se baat krna hi chod dete the…aisa nhi h ki demotivate nhi huye… Roye bhi bht… per rote time bhi mujhe pta tha ki aaj ro rhi hu par kal se fhir padai karungi… Give up nhi karaungi…

And one suggestion practice is the Only key…paise nhi h book kharidne ke to mat kharido…bs adda ki daily quiz and all india mocks jarur do…quiz is very important…

3 saal ki itni jada mehnat ke baad clerk hi clerk kr pai… I’m seriously not satisfied but still I’m happy now…that I can say that



Congo Sonal !!!

Kindly tell Anil Nagar Sir to read it once
I know its long but it encompasses every dimension of preparation of any Govt exam in today’s world


Guys, can you also guide some students who are still preparing and have ask some questions on other threads on this website. Your guidance can be really valuable given you have already done it.

Hi Abhay. This is a well written and comprehensive story, Aspirants will find it really useful. Thanks a lot for sharing and joining this platform. Would request you to guide other aspirants who are still struggling.

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Hello everyone,

I am Thummala Madhuri, selected as a clerk in Andhra Bank through IBPS clerk exam 2019. I am elated to share my journey and strategy of being successful in the IBPS clerk exam.

At the outset I would like to thank my parents and friends who supported me a lot during my preparation and helped me stay motivated. Also I am thankful to Adda247 for all the Daily Gk, Daily quizzes, free youtube videos of QA and Reasoning and all the Test series which are available at one click in mobiles and laptops.

I completed my graduation in May 2019 in Electrical and Electronics stream and started my preparation for bank exams in July 2019. As soon as I resolved to write bank exams, I started opening Adda247 app whenever I take mobile into my hands and followed each and every aspect of it. I applied for all the bank notifications which had been intimated in Adda247 app and started practicing all the daily quizzes and wrote many mock tests.

The exams I appeared till now:

SBI clerk (could not clear Prelims just by 2.25 marks)

South India Bank Clerk and PO (could not clear prelims)

RRB clerk and PO (could not clear Prelims just by few marks)

AP Cooperative Bank (could not clear the only prelims exam)

EPFO ASO (could not clear prelims just by few marks difference)

EPFO SSA (cleared prelims and mains and waiting for typing test)

LIC Assistant (cleared prelims but not cleared Mains jut by 1.25 marks)

IBPS clerk (cleared prelims and main with 45.13 marks)

I just want to make it clear to all the aspirants of Banking career that “Practice, Perseverance and Patience” can only fetch you success and Adda247 App can give the overall information and guidance required for the success in Banking exams and no other offline coaching is necessary.

My strategy for Aptitute: First saw the videos of basics of all topics in Quant by Sumit sir and practised a lot of Daily quizzes related to it.

My strategy for English: First read all the vocabulary and then attempted a number of Daily quizzes of english.

My strategy for Reasoning: Only solved as many puzzles as I could in Adda247 daily quizzes of reasoning.

My strategy for General Awareness: Read the Daily GK of Adda247 and read Monthly Capsules of Adda247 and read The Hindu newspaper and a telugu newspaper.

Once again I wish to thank the ADDA247 team for all their endeavour in helping the aspirants reach their goal.



Waw… Many many congrats Madhuri!

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Hello everyone, I am Khushboo Saraswat, a B.Tech graduate from Ajmer, Rajasthan. I got selected in IBPS CLERK 2019- Bank of Baroda. I am truly glad to share my story with you and would like to thank Team Adda for the good content and a very good guidance throughout my journey. It took my a little longer to achieve what I have today.

I graduated in 2017, but my journey for the banking sector started in the mid of 2018 when I left my job as an IT Recruiter.

There are 2 things that matters the most if you are preparing for banking exams-

  1. Accuracy
  2. Speed

And in my case I was on a very bad side in both. So, I started giving Adda daily quizzes initially and after that mock tests to improve my speed. These helped me to score good marks in prelims exams.

Exams I have appeared in 2018-19

SBI PO 2018(out in pre)
IBPS PO 2018(out in mains)
IBPS CLERK 2018(out in mains)
IBPS RRB OS1 2018(out in pre)
IBPS RRB OA 2018(out in pre)
SBI CLERK 2019(out in mains)
SBI PO 2019(out in mains)
IBPS CLERK 2019 (Selected in BOB)
IBPS PO 2019 (out in mains by 5 marks)
IBPS RRB OS1 2019(out in interview)

After so many failures and a lot of struggle I finally made it. I would like to thank the whole Adda team for my success. Never lose hope during your preparation and always believe ”YOU CAN DO IT!

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I Anil Bharti from Jammu and Kashmir…i passed out my graduation in 2017…then i started prepration of bank exams …i face so many problems at early stage…i failed subsequently then i worked very hard…In 2019 i have appeared in rrb po mains and rrb clerk mains but i did not qualify…after that i worked more towards my prepration…finally i am selected in ibps clerk in PNB…i thank you this channel …it helps me lot…thank you


Thanks for sharing…


Thank you sir.
For sure Sir.


I am Sourav Nag. I am sharing my success story with you all how I prepared for the exams and
what was my strategy during the preparation.
I have done my B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering in the year 2015.
After completing my B. Tech I started working in TCS.
I Prepared for Banking exams almost 3 years after that I got success. I had failed in several
exams before that, and this journey was not easy for me. It’s tough to prepare for an exam for a
working professional, I didn’t get enough time but I managed my time well and strategize my
preparation in the right way.
Here is my 3-years exam Journey you can see that how many times I got failed and then after
consecutive failure, I realized with time where I am going wrong and started preparing with a new
strategy and finally selected in all exams in which I appeared in the year 2019 except SBI PO.
In the year 2017, I appeared in IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, and IBPS PO but not able to
qualify the first stage that is prelims exam. I only qualified for the first stage of the IBPS Clerk
exam but was out in the mains exam.
The year 2018:
SBI Clerk – Out in Mains.
SBI PO – Out in Mains.
IBPS RRB Clerk – Out in Mains by 0.3 marks.
IBPS PO – Out in Mains.
IBPS Clerk – Selected in UNION BANK OF INDIA.
The year 2019:-
SBI PO- Out in the final merit list.
SBI Clerk–Selected from West Bengal Region.
IBPS RRB PO- Selected in Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank.
IBPS RRB Clerk – Selected in Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank.
IBPS PO – Out in final merit list.
I got selected in SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk.
now I’m extremely happy with my achievement, and I am grateful to all the people who supported
me throughout my journey.
One doesn’t need to enroll in a coaching institute to get success in the exam. These days
everything is available at the online platform and only you need is the zeal and
motivation to crack the exam. There are websites, magazines, apps like Adda247 that can
provide you all the information that is essential for the exam. Even after this, someone has a
doubt, YouTube is the best tutor. I learned many things from Google and Adda YouTube

My success stories session with Bankersadda:

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Name : Mekayeel Hasan
Post : IBPS SO (Marketing)
Bank : Punjab National bank

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank Anil Sir and Team Adda for giving me this opportunity to share my story and strategy on this platform. This is yet another opportunity for me because I wasn’t able to share my strategy in the previous post which was shared on Bankersadda. Thank you Sir!

  • I come from a very beautiful City called Shillong which is located in the Northeast of India.
  • I did my Schooling and Graduation from Shillong itself.
  • I went on to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida (2013-15 Batch).
  • Thereafter, I was campus placed in HDB Financial Services Ltd. as a Management Trainee in Jodhpur (2015).
  • After my transfer to Kolkata, I got an opportunity to get into pure banking and that was when I cleared the written and interview round of Axis Bank and got appointed as an Assistant Manager in a branch in Kolkata itself (2016).
  • Further, after my transfer to Shillong, my department of operation got changed and I started handling the Cluster Support department of Shillong Cluster (a cluster of 15 branches).
  • It was then that I started thinking moving to the Government sector as I had left that once my age was over for the Defence sector.
  • I had also cleared NDA written once after my 12th Board and CDSE twice. However, unfortunately, I could reach till the Conference stage only three times and rest of the times I was screened out (around 5-6 times).
  • So, after working in Axis Bank for about 3+ years, I began thinking that since I am in the banking sector which is one of the most crucial sectors for the development of our Nation, then why not shall I join a Public Sector Bank.
  • In 2019, after discussion with my closed ones, I put down my papers after the crucial Jan-Feb-Mar and served the 3-months notice period from 01-06-2019 till 29-08-2019, my last working day in Axis Bank.
  • After that I started preparing in full-swing and appeared for IBPS PO (Prelims Out); LIC HFL (Interview Out); LIC Assistant (Empanalled List); then IBPS SO (Selected).


Although, I had been a B.Sc (Hons.) student of Maths, it was quite difficult for me in the beginning to cope up, especially for the Quants section. I did the following:

  • For Quants to begin with, I followed the concepts by Sumit Sir on youtube. After that, i prepared mainly from mocks by continuous practise. Also, watched the daily youtube videos on Adda.
  • For Reasoning to begin with, I followed Radhey Sir. He alongwith extensive revision & practise is responsible for my confidence in Reasoning.
  • For English - I would say that I am lucky in this because I din’t had to give that much of time but yes, I did not skip quizes/mocks or youtube classes so that I din’t miss the latest patterns.
  • For GA - I followed mainly Piyush Sir’s Adda youtube videos. I made notes as well sometimes but I also practised from the Supreme pack and revision helped me a lot. Although, in IBPS SO we do not require GA, however, the above strategy for GA helped me extensively during the LIC Asst. Exam which I gave but i came only in the Empanalled List of Meghalaya. (A Blessing in Disguise)!

During this whole journey, Team Adda has always been there whenever I needed them. For example, I remember when I enrolled myself in the Supreme Test pack of 12 months subscription, we got a mail ID wherein we can share our doubts, I was stuck in a problem and to my surprise, I was personally called by a faculty and he helped me to understand it. This is the level of dedication of team Adda.

Lastly, I would like to thank my Parents, my Elder Sister and Brother in Law, my Elder Brother and Sister in Law, my to be Wife, my Maternal Uncle and all my friends who have always been there whenever I was low or confused. It had been a great learning curve for me which has become very dear to me.

Finally, I would like to thank Anil Nagar Sir for his constant support and motivation via ‘Dare 2 Dream’ shows in which I am also eager to participate :grinning:; Anil Bhatnagar Sir for his guidance during the mock interview session’’; Thank you so much everyone and Team Adda!

Mekayeel Hasan :innocent:


Hi my name is Payal Sharma.Finally getting a chance to write my success story! First of all i would like to thank my parents and adda family! I just did two things first consistency and second mocks! I am an average student with a commerce background. So this was my strategy.I just followed adda specially prime test series ,current affairs daily vedios and English newspaper. I started my preparation in the year 2017 but cleared only pre of ibps clerk! In 2018-2019 i cleared almost every pre exam but no mains! Then came the year 2020.I made a promise that no matter what i will be consistent and started believing in my way of study! Every person have a different approach so find what suits you! Finally I was able to clear mains of Ibps clerk! Hard work really pays off! Never quit! We all have a hero in us! Find it and achieve it! :blush:


Well said Payal - We all have a hero in us.

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Hey fellow aspirants,
My name is Manjuli Tiwari and I am from Kanpur, UP. It feels extremely amazing to share my success story with you guys and thanks to Adda247 for giving me this opportunity. During my preparation, when I used to go through the success stories of achievers at adda, I always ended up pondering over mine.These achievers motivated me And I pushed myself hard to get out of my comfort zone and go the extra mile. I hope my success story could be of little help to the banking aspirants.
My academic background-BA with History and Political Science as majors from CSJMU, Kanpur(2019)
Exams taken:-
SBI Clerk(2019)not even cleared prelims SBI PO(2019)- not applied( age eligibility notnot fulfilled)
LIC Assistant- Cleared prelims but could not clear mains due to sectional cut off
IBPS PO-cleared with 94 marks in mains(cutoff-71.25) and 46. 82 in final merit list(UR)
IBPS Clerk-scored 88 in mains. (EWS)

How I decided to make my career in banking-My family always wanted me to go in govt sector. After graduation, I was perplexed what to choose between SSC and Banking,I overlooked SSC due to it’s tedious and long process. Govt job was much needed for me due to family issues. It was do and die situation for me. Nothing can be better than banking jobs as IBPS is fast, transparent and reliable .
And in recruiting agency , no one can beat ibps. That’s how I landed in banking sector.

Strategy-This exam basically tests your aptitude.This exam lies Somewhere between " a hard nut to crack" and “not easy as a cakewalk”.Anyone with descent preparation can crack this exam.Give time to your friends, family, hobby and everything you like and adding all this time equivalent to studies. Being calm and relaxed improves your focus, with focus , speed and efficiency improves. So take out some time to calm and relax. I did everything during my preparations but I never forget about my preparations.Everyone has his own strengths,in my case it was GA and English ,due to my reading habit that swallows my most of the time , Newspapers are best to enhance both English and GA. Novels are also great help. Starters done and now Maincourse i.e.Mocktests . I used to take mocktests in every 2-3 days to take a check on my preparation and tracking my mistakes. Adda’s test series helped a lot and it’s daily quizzes helped in boosting my speed.For GA, I referred Ashish Gautam sir’s daily current affairs show and Piyush Sir’s important mcq series.

My future plans-I will continue as a banker and will explore myself. and I"ll also continue my studies to prepare for Nabard and Rbi.
So, guys keep trying and best of luck!! Lots of thanks to Adda247 again. And guys, let me know if anyone needs help during preparations.


My name is Shivang Kumar , I am from Odisha. I am a mechanical engineer and working with JSW Steels Ltd as a Junior Manager. As a working professional (in a steel plant) to take a decision to switch to preparation for government job was tasking one. I could not take the chance of resigning from my job and joining offline coaching class, but to get a government job was always my priority.

So, I got inclined towards online coaching classes, where in ADDA247 was the most reliable source I could find. I subscribed for lectures, ebooks, mock test and in the end mock interview all of which helped me through my journey.

The faculty at ADDA247 were instrumental for my success, specially Sumit Verma sir. Even the notes of ADDA247 for static awareness, banking awareness, current affairs & general knowledge helped me to get through this examination.

Special thanks to Anil Bhatnagar Sir for his guidance through the last phase of my journey (mock interview).

Finally, a heartfelt gratitude to ADDA247 for making the exam preparation easy for me, while I was in job, because of which I was able to clear IBPS PO examination in my 1st attempt.

Hence I would like to say that exam preparation with job is very well possible if efforts are put in right direction and at right time.


Shivang Kumar.


Guys, can you share your interview experience and interview tips - Interview Experience

It might be very useful for people who are expecting an interview this year

My success story

I am Suman from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have completed my graduation with BCA.I knew in college time that I would become a web developer.But when I was in the final year, I felt that there is not so much scope.My father said that you should prepare a government job , So I first took coaching in Jaipur, I started doing self study in 2017.

in 2017 i gave SBI PO pre , not selected
RRB PO 2017 pre, cleared. mains not cleared.
RRB CLERK 2017 pre, cleared. Mains not cleared.
IBPS PO 2017 pre, not cleared.
IBPS CLERK 2017 pre, not cleared.
Also give some PGDBF and insurance exam but not cleared.
SBI CLERK 2018 pre , not cleared.
SBI PO 2018 pre not cleared.
RRB PO and CLERK , not cleared.
NIACL AO 2018 pre cleared , mains not cleared by 2 marks
IBPS CLERK 2018 pre cleared, mains not cleared by 0.5 marks
SBI PO 2019 pre not cleared.
FCI 2019 pre cleared , not in final.
CWC 2019 not cleared
SBI CLERK 2019 pre cleared, mains missed by margin.
RRB PO 2019 pre cleared , mains cleared , i gave interview, but out in final merit list.
RRB CLERK 2019 pre cleared ,mains not cleared.
Rajasthan cooperative bank ,not cleared.
LIC ASSISTANT 2019 pre cleared , mains not cleared by 1-2 marks
LIC AO not cleared
IBPS PO 2019 pre not cleared.
IBPS CLERK 2019 pre cleared, finally mains also cleared and i got a job in Bank of India.

Felt demotivated many times, but I wanted to fulfill my mother’s dream and proof myself.

I started studying online from 2017. I always joined the Bankers Adda Test Series. It is available on exam pattern.And used to give daily quizzes from Adda’s app. I had taken the early package from Adda, did not have to wander for any exam test.

For Reasoning> After clearing the basic for Reasoning, I first took Radhe Sir’s online Reasoning class.Radhe Sir is a master in Reasoning, everyone knows that his studies are understood by everyone. I kept doing a set of puzzle from Adda’s book which cover 50 questions.also did one topic like blood relation, direction, syllogism,input output, cod-decoding etc along with puzzle.

For Maths> After clearing basic in maths, I worked on calculation alot.i used to practice quadratic equations, series, and most imp on DI. for maths chapter i prefer to Sumit sir one of great teacher for maths , everyone knew it.again i used to adda DI book becoz of the level of DI is the same as mains exam. Also used pdf and previous years pre exam i focus on speed and in mains exam most of in DI.

For English> first of all i covered grammar in english and gave quizes related to it.daily editorial + vocab and bankers adda daily quize which cover all topics.and practice with mock test and analysis. Also my hobby is reading English novels so in free time i used to read books.

For GA> For GA i was studying from 2 sources.for daily current affair i used to adda app + affairs cloud. And used to write monthly notes which was very useful in last couple of exam days , and Adda’s capsule before any exam.

Mock test> mock test is very important to know your level with students. If your percentile is above 90% then you may expect your chance is good for crack the exam. I used to give 2-3 mock daily when pre exam, 1 mock for alternative days for mains exam and analysis it. Sunday is my revision day for all the things which i studied for last one week.

I’m a early morning person ,after wake up 5am i studied GA and daily average study for 8-12 hours.

I want to say thank you to my teacher Manish for helping me in GA section, and my friend Harshita, my parents ,my faith in God.
I’m grateful for everything. Thank you Adda team , you are doing great work for students. I’m always grateful Sir Anil Nagar which made this plateform for students to achieve their dreams. Thanks.

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