Some Facts related to Diwali

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Diwali…

Here some facts:

  1. In Malaysia, Diwali is celebrated as Hari Diwali in the month of Aswayuja.
  2. In Thailand, Diwali is celebrated by lighting lamps which are made up of banana leaves. The festival is known as Lam Kriyongh. They don’t burst crackers.
  3. In Nepal, Diwali is known as Tihar or Swanti
  4. In Srilanka on Diwali, people make figures of deities from sugar crystals known as Misiri, they decorate their homes, do lighting and burst crackers.
  5. The foundation of the Golden Temple was laid on Diwali day.
  6. Diwali festival is celebrated by Sikhs because their teacher Guru Hargobind Ji was released from the captivity of Jahangir, the Mughal Emperor.
  7. Jain community of India celebrates their New Year’s Day on the next day of Diwali.

I didn’t know almost all of these. I do now, thanks to you!

I didn’t know about the 2nd fact! Interesting.

Glad to know that…

good to know tht thanks anupam…