Share your ideas!

Guys, pls share your ideas how we can make this forum useful for current aspirants - what all activities we should do here to guide and motivate them and what kind of study material and tips can be useful for them.

At the same time, let’s also identify what can be the activities and discussions which can be help for people who are already selected in a govt job. Pls share your thoughts and ideas. Need your help in developing this platform as a second home for aspirants, even after the selection.

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Thanks. As a selected candidate, I would want to see all those with whom I have spent time online during my preparation. I really miss them. As a candidate who has never been to any couching institute, these online guys were the only candidates who I knew from the preparation phase.

Now that I am selected, I would really like to keep in touch with them and share some pictures and memories that I’ll build through this new part of my life as a banker.

I guess, most people from the Disqus are not very familiar with the formal way of discussion and that is why they are afraid to participate here. We need to have some sort of facility where we can have informal discussion also.

Not to forget, that majority of them are not even comfortable with the English langauge. That could be another reason why they feel intimidated to participate in this new forum.


Their Experiences! How they prepared and their interview and GD topics asked.