SBI PO:Reasoning Preparation

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             I am back again .This time it is Reasoning.So,let's discuss the reasoning strategy.

Like Quants,Reasoning section also consists of 35 questions and the time alloted is 20 minutes.

First we should go for Syllogism questions ,inequalities.
Then we have alphabetical or numerical series which consists of 5 marks.
How can we forget Coding Decoding questions?We can attempt that now.
After that we can move to the miscellaneous section which probably has direction,blood relation,1-2 alphabet related question.
then start doing puzzles.For SBI exams, number of puzzles can be 4 or 5 which can give us 20-25 marks.To be thourough in solving puzzles,practice 3-4 puzzles in daily basis.

with this strategy we can attempt more questions.

Thank you…

love reasoning section thanks fr the advice…

all about practice… :+1: